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You can easily introduce yourself to the world, by publishing your books via our Fast & Easy services.

Service Fees

Preparing, Publication & Global Distribution Service for each book: 500 to 1000 USD

Changing Cover and Inside a book after its publishing: 2000 USD

Please contact us for any extra services or packages.

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whole pakage is just 500$

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FastPublication in cooperation with an amazon book publishing company (in the USA) helps you to publish your books by any content in the US and will distribute them via main book distributors like bookstores and online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound and

Publishing process with FastPublication will take just less than one month. After publishing the book, you can manage your book selling via your personal page in too.

By using FastPublication publishing services, you will save trees. Because through our on demand publishing system, everybody can see your book and turn the pages on the book's amazon webpage, but it will just print out whenever somebody orders it.

To providing better services, our company has some active agents who focus on publishing books in Persian language. We are also working on specific market in Malaysia which is including 3 different popular languages with high potential market in Malay, Chinese and Indian. Please visit their specific webpage for more information. 

If you are intrested in joining our agent network we welcome your enquaries, to expand our services specificly in other languages and other regions. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestions or cooperation.