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You can easily introduce yourself to the world, by publishing your books via our Fast & Easy services.

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Preparing, Publication & Global Distribution Service for each book: 500 USD

Changing Cover and Inside a book after its publishing: 100 USD

Please contact us for any extra services or packages.

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Cover Design Guideline

If you are interested in sending us your own book cover design, please send it to us as a pdf file, according to the following criteria: 

(all dimensions are in inch)


First choose the book size (H * K) from the list:

* Acceptable size (for Black & white books)

 8×5 ;  8×5.25  ;  8.5×5.5  ;  9×6

Also: 7.81×5.06  ; 9.21×6.14  ;  9.61×6.69  ;   10×7  ;  9.69×7.44  ;  9.25×7.5  ; 10×8  ; 11×8.5


* Acceptable size (for fully colored books)

8.5×5.5 ; 9×6

Also : 9.21×6.14 ; 10×7 ;  10×8  ;  8.5×8.5  ;  11×8.5

Then you can calculate your book’s page numbers according to your book size: N


After that calculate the Spin: S

S= N x 0.002252   for books with black/white interior on with papers

S= N x 0.0025       for books with black/white interior on cream papers

S= N x 0.002347   for books with colored interior on with papers


MinimumCover Width: Z

Bleed + Back Cover Trim Size + Spine Width + Front Cover Trim Size + Bleed

Z= 2 x 0.125” + 2 x H + S

0.125” is the bleeding size which should be considered for cutting.


Minimum Cover Height: Y

Bleed + Book Height Trim Size + Bleed

Y= 2 x 0.125” + K


Barcode Box

When your files go through the review process, our system will place your ISBN barcode in a 2" by 1.2" white box in the lower right-hand corner of your book's back cover. Our standard trim size templates will show you exact barcode placement.

Images or text in the barcode location will be covered when the book is printed. Make sure no important elements appear where the barcode will be placed.


Please prepare and send us your own book cover in just PDF file with at least quality of 300dpi. Both CMYK  & RGB color codes are accepted.

Cover file template: