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You can easily introduce yourself to the world, by publishing your books via our Fast & Easy services.

Service Fees

Preparing, Publication & Global Distribution Service for each book: 500 USD

Changing Cover and Inside a book after its publishing: 100 USD

Please contact us for any extra services or packages.

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whole pakage is just 500$

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FastPublication services are suitable for the authors who are searching for a global distribution of their books or amateur authors who want to introduce themselves to common publishers.

FastPublication provide great opportunities to authors, in compare to common publishers. The most important one is accepting all contents for publishing and distributing globally in a fast with a real low cost process.On the other hand, by using the high technology publishing book system of Amazon Company, changing the content and cover design of your book is possible in Fast Publication in short time by low expences.

Moreover,while your book is selling in amazon and other expanded channels, amazon will calculate and pay your royalty fee as a bank cheque every 3 months.

The benefits of publishing your book by Fast Publication services:

- Publishing any content in any language is possible.

- The Book’s ISBN will be provided by FastPublication.

- Your book will be published directly by Amazon Company in the USA.

- Fast Publication in cooperation with amazon will distribute your book throught North America and your book will be available to famous BookStores like Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound and many other websites.

- All the rights of your book will be reserved for you.

- The book price will be set by the author.

- Preparing, printing and distributing process of your book will be done by Fast Publication via amazon in less than a month.

- Because of low printing cost in FastPublication system, your royalty fee will be high.

- Full cover design service will be provided by Fast Publication or if you are intrested in designing your book cover by yourself, we will accept your fully designed book cover and interior design.

- You can stop publishing your book any time you want.

- You can publish your book with any other publishers any time you want.

- Your will receive you royalty payment directly by cheque every month.

- You can monitor your book sale rates online via website.

- FastPublication provide the personal page in amazon website as the author page.


These extra services will be provided by your demand:

- You can change the Interior & Cover text and design anytime you want.

- You can change your book price at any time you want.

- If you are intrested in checking your book before final printing, you can get a proof Copy of your book for final approval.

- You can publish and sell your book's ebook version in amazon-Kindle by FastPublication service.

- You can apply for the LCCN (US Library of Congress Control Number).

- You can apply for the US Copyright office certification to ensure the copyrights of your materials.