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You can easily introduce yourself to the world, by publishing your books via our Fast & Easy services.

Service Fees

Preparing, Publication & Global Distribution Service for each book: 500 USD

Changing Cover and Inside a book after its publishing: 100 USD

Please contact us for any extra services or packages.

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whole pakage is just 500$

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FastPublication can globalize the book distribution channels of local Book publishers. In this way, publishers’ books will be printed and introduced to the international book markets by their original author name, ISBN and publisher name.  Publishers will receive the royalty fees every 3 months through international bank cheque.


For using FastPublication services for publishing and distributing your valued books globally via amazon system and other expanded channels, please choose the nearest acceptable book size from our book size list and if it is different from your origin size, please provide us the interior pages as a pdf file, also cover/back-cover page in another single pdf file, which are all in new size with a new ISBN (Because your previous registered ISBN is belonged to its previous size).